Samsung 65F7100

Samsung 65F7100 Review - 65-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

Packaging Samsung 65F7100 :

The 65F7100 was well-protected in the box, this is very important because TV screens are fragile and package handlers are not always careful. Buying a TV online is a bit risky but the packaging is good enough on this TV for you to go for the online purchase and not worry about getting a TV with a cracked screen.Picture settings

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Design :

The 65F7100 has the new flow design for 2013, but the screen framing bezel is a very sophisticated matte silver and it’s just a striking good looks. The frame is about .2 inches in width (.5” for the 60”). So you get that minimalistic almost frameless design. It does not have the half moon shaped stand and instead has the 4-legged prong stand we like to call quadrapod. The front facing camera is not built-in on the F7100 but is optional Samsung 65f7100 reviews 4 Samsung 65f7100 reviews 1

Connectivity and applications ( Samsung 65F7100 )

Moving on to the TV gadgets, it comes with a bunch of the USB ports and another bunch of HDMI ports as well a 3mm jack port for your sound and a RF so you can interact with your cable or satellite box, and also components RCA ports for your Xbox, PS3 The internet set up was easy . I was presented with the initial setup, this was easy, connecting to my home wireless was a snap, it recognized my DISH Network box, and my other components I had installed immediately . This Samsung  65F7100 brings all the goodies, a Browser (Great Browser) with PIP (Picture in Picture) so you can browse and watch TV at the same time, Netflix App, Youtube, the 3D mini channel etc.Picture quality I went to the built in browser, and it was like having my laptop browser in front of me, with the exception that the typing and the clicking was not the best experience, this forced me to go into Amazon and order a Bluetooth Keyboard; I went to and purchase the Azio KB338BO Bluetooth keyboard for about 40 dollars, it arrived like in about 4 days. Connected the USB dong that comes with the keyboard to one of the USB ports, went to the TV device manager, keyboards and that was it, the TV recognized the Keyboard. I then went to the browser, moved the mouse to the address bar, tapped on the mouse pad of my new keyboard, typed and I was on my way with my new TV and keyboard, by pressing F4, or F5 it will bring the TV Smart Hub into the screen, also by pressing the right button of the mouse pad will bring you some TV Options. Moving along, I went to the TV Youtube app to watch some youtube videos and for my surprise, I pressed a button from one of the Youtube buttons and the TV asked me if I want to link my mobile device with the TV, so I did, I was presented with a number code in which I had to enter in my HTC mobile device and my phone was linked to my new TV that was cool!, I then selected a video to watch in my mobile device’s youtube app, but for my surprise, the video did not play in my mobile device, instead, started to play in my new 65F710065 inch Samsung TV, vivid colors!!.

Black level

The dark and black scenes are super crisp & pitch black, better than I have ever seen on any other DLP or LED TV. Flesh tones are mixed in standard setting with some picture calibration of the settings I was able to get them very good.

Remote control

Samsung 65f7100 reviews 3 The remote control can’t be easier to manipulate small and simple, but it brings a very interesting button which I didn’t even knew that this TV was equipped with it and is a little tiny microphone on top of the remote control. I pressed this microphone button and I found myself talking to a TV for the first time in my life, I started giving some commands like “Menu” etc and this was a pleasure time. The remote control has a touch pad kind mouse that works like a laptop mouse touch pad so that you can navigate from menu to menu up, down left or right, and when you are ready to click just press the touch pad and done, the remote is also equipped with a backlight, this is a plus.

3D processing

After setting up, I decided to experiment with the 3D mini channel that comes with the Samsung Apps, and Oh my God! There is a 3D Shark documentary and for the first time in my life I experimented real time 3D experience, I thought that I was under the water viewing all the fishes around me, they come out of the TV when you are watching this amazing documentary, and you actually want to touch them, my 6 year son, was also watching with me and he started to grab the fishes coming out of the TV, however when the big shark appeared in the screen, he then removed his 3D Glasses and ran away from the room and never again want it to watch this underwater documentary. The colors of this TV can’t be more vivid and real than the real thing. You can also get live TV, and convert it from 2D to 3D, and experience 3D viewing, however it’s not as any original 3D movie or 3D filmed program.

Picture quality

The quality of this TV is great, just what you would expect from a large company like samsung. I tested this TV by playing a blu-ray, a dvd and a videogame. The blu-ray movie I watched was Despicable me, if you have watched this movie before you would know the cute little minions. The first thing I noticed was the color of the minions, the yellow looked brighter than on any TV I saw before, the colors were truly amazing (especially the bright ones). Another thing I noticed was the sharpness of the images whenever I paused the movie, the image that appears when I pause the movie looks like an HD JPEG which is not really the case with other TVs. The dvd I watched on this TV was an episode of Breaking Bad, I did this because I felt that judging the colors of an animated movie wouldn’t necessarily be the same as a normal video. It was pretty hard concentrating on the TV when watching the DVD (if you’re a breaking bad fan you’d know why) but I did my best to find any flaws. The colors were vibrant and didn’t disappoint, there was so much detail in every scene partially due to the massive screen but mainly because the shades of each color are easily distinguishable which is a rare quality in non-samsung TVs

Sound quality

The sound quality without any extra help like a Surround system attached to it , was good enough for a room; however, if you would like to experience a full home theater drill, I suggest a Surround System or subwoofer. The sound produced from this TV was great but I always like to add a subwoofer for additional bass, the TV would still sound great without one but if you are going to invest a lot of money on this TV then you should invest a little more and have a complete system. The best top-quality, affordable subwoofer out there is the Polk Audio PSW10 it sells for around $105 on amazon, there is also the Yamaha YST-SW012 which sells around $90. Both subwoofers are top quality, I’ve tested both of them and they will not disappoint if you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

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